The New Church

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What does the 21st century church look like?

Changes are coming, they must come. The preacher yelling at the sinner from a pulpit on Sunday morning is no longer what the body of Christ needs.

We are all sinners; everyone knows that. We know what we do wrong and we know what to do about it.

What we need today is a place where we congregate to study the teachings of Jesus and strategize about the best way to implement His wishes.

We need open prayer meetings where all who are sick or hurting emotionally, spiritually and/or physically can come in to be prayed over without worrying about church affiliation.

Churches first started to teach people about God, learn about the scriptures and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Today, everybody can have access to a Bible which they will read for themselves if they are truly called of God. Study tools are readily available online, on TV, on radio and in bookstores for those who want to learn more.

Every Christian should be able to visit and pray for the sick, help those in need and spread the light and love of Christ. That job is not the pastor’s alone.

We need Christians who follow the teachings of Christ, not the teachings from the pulpit.

I have a vision where a Christian is walking down the street and receives a word of knowledge regarding another person approaching him/her. The Christian then stops and prays the word of knowledge over that person and God’s miracle power is released.

How long will it take for Christians to receive and activate the power given us by the authority of Jesus Christ? Did He not say that we have the power (through Him) to heal?

Where is the evidence of the fruits of the Spirit?

How long must we listen to one preacher talk against another preacher?

Where does Jesus tell us to do that?

Friend, when your pastor starts trashing another ministry or another person who is helping God’s people, then it’s time for you to leave. The Body of Christ is not for tearing down, but for building up the body of believers. It is not for us to judge.

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