Candidates seek evangelical vote

Obama and McCain are seeking their share of evangelical votes as they both plan to appear at Rick Warren‘s Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest, California on August 16th.

McCain has a touching story to share about his faith during his time as a prisoner of war, but actually doesn’t talk about it very often.

Obama knows that he, as a democrat, will not “win” the evangelical vote, but hopes to gain about 30% of the votes. The last democratic candidate to claim over 30% of the evangelical vote was Bill Clinton.

Probably the most important factor regarding the evangelical vote is a candidate’s position on abortion, followed by their position on marriage. Unfortunately for these well-meaning evangelical voters, these two matters are not controlled by the President.

They need to focus on the congress and the senate if they want to change the abortion law.

Meanwhile, the rest of the voters are plagued by which man can truly run the country and help our people to live not only safely in our own land, but also live without the problems of homelessness and lack of healthcare. Another crucial factor is our own energy crisis.

Which candidate will substantially help us move forward to alternative energy?

These are the issues that need our attention as voters – right now.

  • Alternative energy
  • Safety on American soil
  • Wars and rumors of wars
  • The poor – homelessness and lack of healthcare
  • Unemployment – which will raise the percentage of those who are homeless and without healthcare

Our nation needs true leadership and guidance on these issues.

As a Christian, these issues have my attention. Once these critical life issues are handled, then I can become more concerned over abortion and possibly marriage.

The sad truth, I fear, is that the abortion issue will never be resolved.

The abortion issue is the Republican stronghold over evangelicals. If it were no longer an issue, evangelical votes would be up for grabs.


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