Renounce Religion

I’ve just been sitting here reading some of my old blog posts, from six years ago. It was a confusing time. Newly divorced, I decided to put my spiritual journey on hold and revert back to my roots in religion.

It was definitely a mistake, but sometimes the mistakes help us confirm whrenouncerelat we know to be true in our hearts. It’s all part of the journey.

Since then I have committed myself fully to my divine truth; I have renounced religion once and for all.

Life is so much easier now, and loving your neighbor is the easiest thing in the world when religion is not defining the degrees of love.

The energies of prayer are felt much more deeply and shared freely by all of creation, a concept that the religious typically feel is reserved for the chosen.

So many people try to reconcile that still, small voice with the teachings of the church, and they adamantly claim that it is working. I’ve come to believe that their protests and proclamations are a last ditch effort to avoid the realization that everything you were taught as a child was wrong, or at least it wasn’t right.

There all varying degrees of truth, so it’s hard to be absolute in any statement of faith or lack thereof.