Christians Don’t Go Around Beheading People

Lent has begun. Today, I was watching The View while one of the hosts (Nicolle Wallace) discussed why President Obama wasn’t saying the right things about ISIL. She wants to hear more condemnation, regardless of how it makes our American Muslims feel. But that isn’t what troubled me the most. She said that unlike ISIL, Christians don’t go around beheading people.

It’s true. Christians don’t behead people. Their homicides are much harder to prove legally, but they are just as deadly.

Christians allow people to starve, be homeless, freeze to death and die from lack of adequate health care.

Why don’t Christians in America

unite and end homelessness?Homeless Sign

How can a majority group (around 70% in America), not get together and solve this crisis in America?

How does this passive tolerance of gradual suffering and death have anything at all to do with exemplifying the love of God?

It doesn’t.

The mere tolerance of such pain and suffering exemplifies selfishness, judgements, greed and evil. Yes, evil. It’s evil to sit back and do nothing.

You’re sleeping on the job Christians.

One might argue that a single church does good deeds in their community, or that a specific denomination provides help to some people – but usually there are qualifications that must be met, groups that must review the appeals for help, and then votes taken to actually administer that help. Besides, it’s not enough.

One might also argue that individual Christians help those in need when they see them, or maybe they even go looking for someone to help… but again, it’s not enough.

It doesn’t solve the problem.

I guess it does provide a loophole for those who are looking to redeem themselves for not doing more.

A proper use of the resources of the WHOLE group of people calling themselves Christians would be to unite and end homelessness, end hunger, and provide health care to all.

Furthermore, if the majority of Christians do not want to play nicely together to get the job done, then they should shut the heck up about the government doing it.

It simply needs to be done and there are plenty of resources to do it.

Have a blessed Lent?

Tell that to the Viet Nam Veteran who froze to death this week.

Better yet, tell his family to have a blessed Lent.

Pope Francis suggests that even more than candy or alcohol, we fast from indifference towards others.

Christians don’t go around beheading people, they just let them die a slow and painful death by their apathy.

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