Religion is not culture

An excellent article expressing one artist’s views… and I tend to agree with most of what he said. Bravo!

“What I am trying to say is that culture is like mud – it shapes and oozes around any rigid structure placed on it until it looks like that structure is made of mud also. But religion does not bring any insight or art form to people – it simply claims people’s art forms as its own. And if it does not understand the art or it is not usable to these people, then it condemns it as something other than art.”

Christopher Healey

Sometimes there is a story on newspaper websites I like to read that involve a major organized religion – and those stories always have hundreds of passionate comments from all spectrum’s of faith and atheism.

Usually, essentially, the non-believers blame religion for oppressiveness and intolerance and the sympathizers for the organized religion respond with how much their faith has contributed to culture and civilization.

However, this argument is based on an erroneous assumption and is not accurate – religion is like a great artist in that it steals ideas, talent and artwork and claims them as its own.

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