Day 161: Breathe!

Read this, try this, it works. Then proceed to have a blissful day of serenity.

Mayan Messages

BREATHE!   Greetings, we welcome this time of sharing with you. Today we would like to encourage you to go outside and play. If possible, get into nature and take a gentle walk, paying attention to all you see around you. If you live in the city and cannot get to a rural area, then sit outside your door, preferably on the Earth and listen to the sounds of nature.

Let the love of Source fill your Being as you bask in the glory of your Essence. Breathe in and out in cycles of three. On the first inbreath, feel a sense of peace coming over you; on the outbreath, send peace back to all of creation. On the second inbreath, inhale pure love from Source feeling every cell in your body filled with love. As you breathe out, send love back to Source. On the third inbreath, inhale gratitude from…

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