Voter Suppression in South Carolina

Voter suppression in South Carolina is real. I know from personal experience.

When you vote in South Carolina, you are required to have South Carolina photo identification that is current.

Let me explain what is happening here in S.C., where I have lived all but 5 years of my life.


Photo from Mike Peters.

When I returned to SC, the DMV informed me that they need a copy of each marriage license for every name change (I was married twice). The vital records department charges $12 per license if handled by mail, much more if handled online, or less if you travel to Columbia.

Without my SC Driver’s License or SC ID (same rules apply), I cannot vote. Well, if had a passport I could, but I don’t.

Now tell me why, logically speaking, when my name has not changed in 25 years, when my first husband is deceased, and being that I was divorced before I left SC, WHY should I have to pay the state for documents I shall never need again?

I can think of only one reason: Voter Suppression. Two of the ugliest words an American citizen ever has to utter.

“They” are hoping to make it so time consuming that you will give up  instead of proceeding to get your “right to vote,” while they place obstacles in your way and interfere with your rights, over ridiculous rules that even the FBI and Law Enforcement do not require.

I would like to see them go to such lengths before they are allowed to arrest someone. You know, just to make sure they are locking up the right person. Oh but they don’t care about that, they just care about keeping Democrats from voting.

That’s my accusation and I’m sticking to it.


Photo from Nick Anderson.

How do they expect people in poverty without a car who can barely keep food on the table, to retrieve their marriage licenses? Who keeps a marriage license after a divorce? Word to the wise – start keeping them. You never know when you will need it. Of course, you’ll need them in duplicate so both spouses have one, which, again, will cost you money.

I have my birth certificate, and my Social Security card with my correct name and correct address. I have my expired SCDL and my active AZDL. I also have a student ID, but it’s from AZ, and apparently SC doesn’t trust me or AZ, or even their past DLs issued.

South Carolina, You’ve gone too far.


By the way according to the Office of Strategic Influence,

  • There are more UFO sightings than suspected voter fraud cases source
  • Analysis of 2,068 reported fraud cases found 10 cases of alleged in-person voter impersonation since 2000


Below is an excerpt from another article:

Study Finds Republican
Voter Suppression
Is Even
More Effective Than You Think

Feb 2, 2016 2:44 pm at

Given that minorities tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic, researchers were left with little doubt that strict voter ID laws were hurting Democratic candidates.