Tribal Family History

Today I was fortunate enough to see a posting on Facebook by Gianni Crow, who feeds my soul often with his words.

My father was a home builder, actually a contractor, and was very successful. He was well known not only for his skill set, but also for his integrity and honesty. He always said that a man was only as good as his word, and his word was solid.

As an adult, I began searching for distant ancestors of my father. I discovered that the name meant “boss” in Dutch, and that many of his ancestors were ship builders.

This was particularly interesting to me, because my father’s brother and at least one of my father’s grandchildren went into home building, and one ended up working for a boat manufacturer for a short time. Other members of the family also had short term work in some type of building industry, such as drawing house plans, installing tile floors and patios, etc.

Coincidence? Not in my mind.

As GC quoted, it’s Tribal Family History.

That’s why I was thrilled when I read the following. These are the words that express my feelings… I simply could not find them on my own.


Grandfather said: All human beings had a tribal family history before they got civilized and forgot their true meaning in life. ~GC (Gianni Crow)

I’ve often said “it’s in the blood” when unusual coincidences occur, but tribal family history strikes a more resounding chord within my heart.

We are so much more than we know.

I hope you are enjoying the journey.