Man Who Barks out Bile

Ah well, the title gives it away, I guess. What man barks out bile (via Twitter)? And yet, that’s not the worst phrase I heard from around the world this week.

The most disturbing sentence I’ve heard and read this week came from an Australian journalist, Chris Uhlmann, who was covering the G20, and guess who he was talking about…

He is a character drawn from America’s wild west, a travelling medicine showman selling moonshine remedies that will kill the patient. And this week he underlined he has neither the desire nor the capacity to lead the world.

Yes, remedies that take away departments that were created to protect us, our environment, and our future on this planet, not to mention the attempt to further limit healthcare to those who need it most. Yes – a death sentence for sure.

barks out bile

Wait, there’s more…

Although Trump has been a bit better at the delivery of a few speeches, we realize that these speeches are written for him and do not represent his true feelings. However, at least he no longer sounds like a 5th grader who didn’t prepare for his oral book report.

Unfortunately, the following statement pretty much sums up how most Americans feel at this point.

…it is the unscripted Mr Trump that is real. A man who barks out bile in 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as President at war with the West’s institutions — like the judiciary, independent government agencies and the free press.

Uhlmann has truly captured the situation better than most editorial opinion makers.

Mr Trump is a man who craves power because it burnishes his celebrity. To be constantly talking and talked about is all that really matters. And there is no value placed on the meaning of words. So what is said one day can be discarded the next.

“So what is said one day can be discarded the next.”

When have we ever tolerated such a disregard for a person’s accountability and ability to speak the truth – especially when that person holds the highest office in the land, if not the world?