Gun Free Businesses in Texas

Since Texas is allowing open carry state-wide now, many of the businesses who do not wish to participate in this dangerous practice need to put up a sign. nogunsallowed

This site – has the information needed as well as a list of businesses who are participating by allowing open carry in their place of business.

I’m not in Texas, but I fully support the efforts of this blogger to help serve and protect the innocent citizens of Texas.

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Starting Over

The past two years I have been using free blogs at blogger because I became disillusioned with hosting my own blogs – after all, I’ve only lost about 5 of them.

However, I have been with my current host for nearly a year and so far I have not had any issues with crashes, outages or items disappearing into cyberspace, so I’m ready to try again.

I was recently enlightened to the fact that what I worry about is much more important than I thought, because by worrying, I am filling up my mind with negativity and actually feeding the worry.   I know, losing a blog is a little thing to worry about in the great scheme of things, but some of us must start our change by taking baby steps.

So this is my baby step – starting my original blog all over – again.

It’s not that big of a deal. I’ve started many aspects of my life over, especially in the past 6 years.

The Bible tells us to “build up” which is the opposite of worrying because worrying, in essence, is tearing down.  Worrying can tear down your mood, your attitude, your health, and your relationships, even though the thing you’re worried about may not have any thing to do with the people in your life. They are still affected.

So join me as I focus on the end result of my dreams and not the obstacles.

I believe that whatever you focus on comes back to you tenfold.

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