I’ll Have One of Those Please


Great movie from 2011, starring Bradley Cooper. I’m watching it again – right now.

Remember that moment when Cooper’s character enters his apartment after ingesting his first mysterious pill, shuts the door and says “Who lives like this?” and then proceeds to clean at superhero speed?

Yeah. limitless-bradley-cooper

I’ll have one of those please.

The vacuum cleaner isn’t working quite right, and the cats have demolished the den… and then there’s my room. And laundry. And it’s Monday. Pfft.

Funny the things you notice in a movie the second, third, or fourth time around.

The first time I saw Limitless, I was mesmerized by his mental acuity. But today, on a dreary, rainy Monday filled to the brim with household chores that I swear are nagging me (can’t you hear them?) – I zone in on the disdain he suddenly develops over his living conditions and the instant motivation and speed with which he drastically changes his surroundings, and therefore his life.

Let’s write a book in four days? Heaven.

Now back to the movie.