Let the Barbarians Be Gone

Illness, violence, and suicide are robbing us of beauty

the beauty of the earth that we are privileged to behold

the love of life and laughter that should sustain us ’til we’re old

have all been replaced with sorrow, dread, and disdain…

due to the rise of the barbarians!


Resolve to call on the universe for help

and speak the true desires of the noble

relieve the suffering of the moral

honor the ideals of the humane

grant the desires of the selfless

reward the dignity of the intelligent

restore the beauty and wisdom of the sages

unite sisters and brothers everywhere

and let the barbarians be gone.


May they drastically dwindle in numbers

may they sink by the volume of their greed

may they drown in their pool of their imagined self worth

may they vanish in the face of their pettiness

may they anguish in the mirror of truth

may they wither in the field of their pride

Let the barbarians be gone!


Let true righteousness and compassion prevail

human kindness without barbaric judgments

let the rusty balls and chains of dogma disintegrate

to make room for unconditional love – for all.


Dear benevolent Creator and blessed guardians of all that is

We Implore You… Please hear our cry…

Let the barbarians be gone.



Taking Care of What Matters

Anyone else worried about the negative Karma the US is creating lately?

It’s not looking good.

  • Puerto Rico still in dire need.
  • Sick people suffering in silence – without health care.
  • Wounded people from the Las Vegas massacre are in financial distress due to health care costs.
  • People traumatized by either natural or premeditated tragic events are in need of mental health care.
  • Homeless people.
  • Increasing numbers of white supremacists.
  • Unfair treatment of long term immigrants.
  • Unfair treatment of minorities.
  • The attempt to legislate religion.
  • Superficial patriotism.


The ONLY answer is to start taking care of what matters.

What matters?

People, and Mother Earth.

Take care of both, and everything else will fall into place.

How do we do it? It starts with love.

Love thy neighbor (and everyone is thy neighbor) as thyself.

This is the best Tweet I’ve seen today:

To flourish on the earth… we have to take care of it and each other.


The Worlds Lesson on Twitter


All the major religions speak the same… always treat others as you would want them to treat your children. Most of them say as you would want them to treat you, but as a parent, I am more moved when I think about how someone will treat one of my own. It carries more weight in my heart.




I am also partial to the Wiccan Rede, which is not included in the graphic above.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will.


Sit Down in the Green Grass

Sit down in the green grass and prepare to receive.

Understand the omnipotence (infinite power) of good, the science of good, and the divine law of good.

Our definitions of God might not be the same, but the principles of life are universal.

The following article (see excerpt below) by Michelle Nanouche, “The Divine Law of Good,” at the Christian Science Monitor, provides a new perspective on manifesting, having faith, universal laws, and living your life aware of every moment.

It is based on the New Testament story (see links below), where Jesus miraculously fed the multitudes with fish and loaves of bread.


Various Bible commentaries give different interpretations of Christ Jesus’ instruction, but this is my favorite: Perhaps it was to prepare them to be served.

I picture the crowd turning from their fear of being without food, to sitting down and quietly preparing for something remarkable occurring to meet their need.

And something remarkable did occur. Jesus knew there is a divine law of good operating that cannot be blocked or thwarted. He knew that God is all-powerful and only good; a God that eternally cares for all creation, including man.

Jesus’ understanding of this divine law or Science of good allowed him to meet human needs in remarkable ways, and everyone was fed.




Article: The Divine Law of Good

Michelle Nanouche’s blog


Let us then, learn to make known our requests with thanksgiving and in acceptance. And having done this, in that silent communion of our soul with its Source, let us believe that the Law of Good will do the rest.
Ernest Holmes, How to Use Your Secret Power